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This Action Centred Leadership course is designed to develop the leadership skills required by those who need to mobilise others to deliver exceptional results in their organisations.


That means it is designed to develop the leadership abilities needed to: 

  • build organisational visions, deliver transformational change, provide direction and inspire, motivate and support teams and individuals striving to deliver exceptional outcomes;

  • support the growth of individuals to enable them to fully utilise their talents to achieve personal ambitions and aspirations and finding the right work/life balance; 

  • develop organisational capabilities to produce high quality products and deliver exceptional services to create extraordinary experiences for customers and other stakeholders;

  • create a culture where people feel empowered and take great pride in their work; 

  • connect people and facilitate teamwork where people respect each other and where relationships are critical to organisational success and personal wellbeing;

  • create an environment where challenges are turned into value-enhancing opportunities. 


These are the challenges facing leaders today and as the pace of change in society will continue to accelerate it means the challenges will become more complex and, therefore, demand more effective leadership in order to build a positive future for everyone. This is the fundamental purpose of this course.


The course is based on John Adair's Action Centred Leadership (ACL) which is widely used across the world in all sectors of commerce, industry, emergency services, hospitals, armed forces, government departments and charitable organisations. Over more than 50 years more than one million managers have been trained using ACL - and it's more popular today than it has ever been

This course is CPD accredited (Continued Professional Development).


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The overall aim of this 5-day training programme is to give each participant the opportunity to understand the nature and practice of good leadership in such a way as to make them more effective as a leader, a colleague and a team member. In order to achieve this, the course will aim to develop:


  • an awareness of the three areas of overlapping needs present in all working groups: the needs of the common Task, the needs of the Team and the needs of each Individual team member

  • an understanding of the leadership behaviours required to be an effective leader; the ability to recognise leadership behaviours when they are observed and the capability to determine what leadership behaviours are appropriate in any given situation

  • an opportunity through assessment and feedback to develop insights into current skills in order to create a pathway to becoming a more effective leader

  • a clear idea how new leadership skills may be applied in the workplace to improve team performance and deliver exceptional outcomes





By the end of the course you will be able to:


  • Define leadership and contrast leadership and management.

  • Outline a range of leadership styles and describe own preferred style.

  • Describe the three areas of overlapping needs that are present in all working groups.

  • List the functions a leader is required to perform to address group needs, successfully.

  • Demonstrate an ability to determine the appropriate style and functions required in any situation and to recognise leadership functions when they are being deployed.

  • Demonstrate the skills to effectively perform the appropriate leadership functions.

  • Explain how leadership skills can be applied in the workplace.





Presentations, case studies and desk-top exercises are used to help you understand the role of leaders in modern public and private organisations. In addition, you will have an opportunity to develop insights into a number of personal skills, preferences, styles or behaviours. 



Duration: 5 days



Class size:


To ensure maximum benefit for each delegate it is recommended that the class size for this programme does not exceed 16.



Who it's for:


Everyone with responsibility for the actions of a team, who wish to improve the performance of their organisation, their team and each individual member of their team.