More and more people demand quality, the service delivered, like the product purchased, must conform to the requirement of the customer but the quality of a service differs fundamentally from that of the quality of manufactured products, it differs in the way it is produced, delivered, consumed and evaluated. Unfortunately, service can be difficult to monitor and measure to ensure conformance to customer requirements: consider one type of service provided by many different service providers, delivered on different days to different customers with different expectations!  This suggests that every service delivered could be unique, so how are we expected to deliver satisfaction to all of our customers, consistently and sustainably?

Measuring the level of satisfaction with a service is a complex process but, fundamentally, at the point of consumption it has two prime dimensions: one, the customer expectation of the service to be delivered and two, the perception of the customer experience once delivered. And, as you will have difficulty improving something you do not measure, finding a robust system for measuring customer expectations and their experience, is critical.

This course is CPD accredited (Continued Professional Development).
Attendance on this course will qualify you for 30 CPD credits.​





The aim of this 4-day course is to develop the skills needed to improve understanding of all the aspects of customer service that lead to satisfaction and loyalty. This will include: understanding what influences customers’ expectations together with the perception of their experience; how and why gaps arise between customer expectations and the customer experience; how to close those gaps; how to use measuring tools and techniques to maintain an understanding of the customer experience; how to use tools to improve customer delivery processes and how to manage customer complaints at a strategic level.




By the end of the programme delegates will be able to:

  • Explain how to develop customer-centric culture based on a comprehensive understanding of customer expectations and customer experience;

  • Demonstrate and ability to use tools to help understand the factors that influence customer and potential customer perceptions of a service provider;

  • Demonstrate an ability to analyse the gap between customer expectations and customer experience;

  • Outline strategies for closing the gaps between customer expectations and customer experience;

  • Explain how to motivate employees to deliver superior customer service;

  • Outline a strategy for obtaining regular customer feedback.



Methods: presentations, case studies and practical exercises will be used to enhance the learning experience.



Duration: 4 days



Who it's for:


This course is designed for you if you work in customer services, customer relations, marketing, sales, service quality, client relations, collections, operations, complaints handling and customer support roles in all sectors of the economy, including:  manufacturing, finance, health, retail, government departments, etc.



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